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Aside from medical services, we offer some special services to meet your needs:

Travel Health

Travel health – Patients require a doctors appointment and an appointment with one of our nurses. Our Registered Nurses have special training in travel medicine which is a Yellow Fever Accredited Practice. Sue and Lisa lead our “Newcastle Family Practice Travel Health” clinic to help you identify risks and how to manage them for your particular destination and planned activities. Consultations cover issues such as immunisations, protecting against disease carrying insects, deep vein thrombosis, traveller’s diarrhoea, food & water hygiene, rules for taking medications overseas, etc. Even travellers to lower risk destinations like Europe can benefit from health & safety information. Ideally, make an appointment at least 4 weeks before you are due to leave, but any time is better than no time.


Care Plans

Care plans are created for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. A care plan is designed to meet your personal health needs and helps you manage your condition and reduce related risks. Our Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals can work in partnership with you and your GP to create your care plan.

Asthma Education

Asthma Education – Our Registered Nurses have specialist training in asthma care. Our nurses will work with you and your GP to measure lung function via spirometry tests; identify triggers for asthma; then organise a care plan and treatment that’s best suited to your particular needs. Our nurses also provide care for those with COPD and other lung conditions in conjunction with the patient’s GP.

services1modDiabetes Education

Diabetes Education – Our registered nurses will be able help you to understand Diabetes and how to best manage it. Our nurses will work with you and your GP to provide the best treatment that matches your particular needs. They will ensure you receive best practice diabetes care including blood tests, foot checks, blood pressure checks, BMI readings, cholesterol tests, medication reviews, self-care education, referral for eye checks and podiatry care.

Health Assessments

Health assessments are available with Medicare rebates for some populations: people aged 75+; those aged 45-49 with a risk for chronic disease; Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders; 40-49 year olds with high risk for diabetes; people with an intellectual disability; 3 & 4 year olds receiving their 4 year old immunisations. A number of our Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals can work with you in conjunction with your GP to conduct a health assessment to identify any health risks or other care needs and organise any follow-up care required.

Childhood Immunisation

At Newcastle Family Practice giving vaccines to babies, children, adolescents and adults is part of every working day. We stock all of the scheduled vaccines for childhood, overseas travel and seasonal vaccines like influenza.

Vaccines work by giving you “immunity from disease”. Immunity means protection. When we get sick with an infectious disease, our immune system usually produces protective “antibodies,” which keep us from getting the same disease again. But getting sick is no fun, and it can be dangerous or even fatal.

immunisation2mod2We want you to feel really comfortable when it comes to having a vaccine or bringing your children for one. Our Doctors and Nurses will always explain which vaccines they are giving you, why you need them, how much they cost (remember vaccines on the National Schedule are free) and what type of side effects might occur.

If you have questions regarding vaccines or being immunised please feel free to make an appointment to discuss this with a doctor or nurse. Alternatively you may call and ask to speak with a nurse over the phone. Our nurses are qualified immunisers and happy to discuss your queries.

We have also provided some links to other sites that you may find helpful and informative.

The NSW Immunisation Schedule

Measles, Mumps, Rubella decision making guide

Disease fact sheets

Royal Children’s Hospital immunisation fact sheets

Immunisation Parent Information

CDC vaccine safety

Please ring (02) 49294181 to book an appointment or to ask for further information.



– Early detection is your best protection

Could you have melanoma?


Newcastle Family Practice invites you to book an appointment for your annual skin check.

Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology for the detection and diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers.  At your appointment you will be seen by a Registered Melanographer.

During the examination any suspicious lesions are imaged and sent for review by a Dermatologist.  A full detailed report is sent to your doctor.  The outcome may require further discussion and or treatment.  You can discuss this with your doctor.

We are available for your staff’s Skin Checks

Health surveillance and skin cancer  

Recommendations for workplaces

Key early detection messages for workers

Workplace skin cancer checks at our site

Protecting your workers

Risk assessment

Sun protection measures

Personal protective equipment and clothing

Sun protective work clothing

Sun protective hats 1