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Newcastle Family Practice is a private billing practice. Fees are payable in full at the time of consultation by

EFTPos or cash. Medicare rebates are processed at the time of service for immediate refund to your bank account.

We now offer INSTANT processing of your Medicare Rebate ~ straight back into your bank account.

-Nurse led clinics for diabetes, asthma and health assessments are bulk billed for Aged Pensioners.

-Adolescent patients aged between 16 and 19 years of age attending without a parent or carer will be bulk billed by

all doctors if the reason for attendance is of a sensitive nature.

For any patient experiencing financial hardship – please discuss this with your GP at the time of consultation

Weekend services are NOT bulk billed for any patients




  Item Practice Fee   GAP
Brief consultation 3 $45.00   $27.50
Standard consultation 23 $85.00   $46.80
Long Consultation 36 $135.00   $61.05
Prolonged Consultation 44 $175.00   $66.15
Pension Card Holders Only
(only at Doctors discretion)
  Item Reduced Fee   GAP  
Brief Consultation 3 $42.50   $25.00  
Standard Consultation 23 $63.20   $25.00  
Long Consultation 36 $98.95   $25.00  
Prolonged Consultation 44 $133.85   $25.00  



A fee will be charged for all prescriptions/referrals etc that are written by a practitioner without the patient attending an appointment. The fees for these are as follows:

$25.00 for referral and scripts


All patients who attend appointments on Saturday mornings will be charged full fees